Business Strategies

The importance of a well defined and integrated IT strategy in order to support business and growth.
Elements of an IT Strategy
A well defined IT strategy describes every aspect of a companys IT landscape. This means everything from IT operations, through Security and data handling to business supporting IT solutions with high level of integration into the business operations and reporting architecture.
Integration and agility
In order to optimize cost and agility it is vital that the choosen IT landscape and architecture supports a high degree of integration and modularity. The use of modules connected via well defined and documented API's will support any changes which will undoubtly come in the future. New technology, change in business models etc.
Advice on emerging technology, alternative solutions and help get an overview of pros and cons when selecting the right solutions and services.Helping companies identify IT needs and requirements through extensive work on overall business strategies, current IT landscape, GAP analysis and definition of IT Strategies.