IT Transformation

Move from current state to future state to save cost, free up resources and enable business growth.
Legacy IT Landscape
Many companies are struggling with old legacy IT Landscapes and architecture. Monolitic IT Stacks which prevents business development and growth due to high cost and long time to market.
In addition the companies might not have the competences in house to design and define the wanted future state. The easiest decision is to stay as-is, but this limits the companies growth potential and decreases their overall market value.
Future state IT Landscape
In order to define and design the wanted future state of a companys IT landscape and architecture it is vital to include the overall business strategy. Keywords like outsourcing, cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, on-premis, COTS and industry solutions needs to be considered.
The next step would be to analyse the GAP and describe the road from legacy to future state.
Working with companies and help them analyse current setup, define wanted future state to support the business has been a great part of my job description. Facilitating the communication on various levels both at the company and at the vendor side has been part of my tasks.