People Managment

Leading teams with individuals requires people skills and focus on the individuals in order to succeed through the team.
Leading people
When leading people it is important to understand that the organisation consists of individuals and individuals needs to be treated indivudually. Some like extensive guidance and support whereas others wants/needs less supervision. Some wants constant feedback others get embarassed if the receive a pat on the back.
Succeed through teams and people
The highest degree of success are reached through the understanding of the individual in your organisation, teams, tribes etc. If you pay attention and adjust your leadship style to adhere to the indidviduals you would get teamplayers who would help you succeed through the people.
I have been leading teams in Hewlett-Packard and Nets. In Nets I had the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Pipeline Institute program, which gave several insights in People Management, but also confirmed that I was doing many things right.
The focus on the individuals, the ability to understand when to react and when not and the ability to appreciate work being done was things I took in.

People Management